Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose.


How are youuuuu? I'm doing pretty good myself. Although, today I had contact with


poison ivy!


Yes :/ It happened while taking these pictures (which is why there's unusually so little of them).


I was positioning myself in thick, tall grass for a photo, when I felt a snag on my tights... :O That's all I was thinking about, my tights. Because I've been wearing them so much lately, and I didn't think it was anything more than some branches or something.


Pablo noticed and pulled me out. I still thought my tights were snagged and that was the end of it. Then, the rip started irritating me, burning and whatnot. And I saw blood beginning to form. Tiny, tiny dots. But, still.

I had a face like this then  


and was just about ready to take my shorts off in the middle of nowhere.


Haha...Pablo knew better, though, and asked for permission to rip my tights. Sooooo...I silently said goodbye and watched as he grew a hole in my tights. Sigh. I was in such a good mood before this, too.


Anyway, my damaged leg hurts and there's a curve of dots, but that's about it so far. We'll see how much worse it gets. :/


I hope your day was better. Thank you for reading, and until next timeeeee! (:

What I was wearing:
White V-neck: F21
DIY jean shorts: 579 jeans
Black denim vest: Wet Seal
Brown belt: F21
Black sheer tights: Walmart
Black & white flower flats: Soda
Silver sunflower necklace: Thrifted


S + Y said...

Oh no!!!! I hope your leg gets better!!!! But you were lucky you had Pablo there, no? Imagine if you were alone! On the bright side, the photos turned out great and you look fab.

Get better!!!


Nikita said...

What is a Poison Ivy??? And I hope you're feeling better...

I love what you're wearing around your neck and your shoes!!! Very pretty.. :)

Becca said...

Oh man, I'm sorry! Poison ivy is awful, I hope you don't have to see it for long :(

Cheyne said...

Oh my, I'm so so allergic to poision ivy....like really...I mean I can get it just if the wind blows it my way too hard. I got it my lungs last time. It was bad. ): Hope you get better soon girl!

mykindamagazine@gmail.com said...

Oh! You look fresh & lovely!
These flowered ballerinas are so cute :)

Brenda said...

hey there, stopping by from FlogYoBlog Friday.

Cute shoes!!

Liz said...

Hope you feel better soon! I love that necklace :)
Thanks for stopping by!

DMKG said...

Aww I'm sorry!
I love those flats :)