Friday, January 29, 2010

Blessed with clothes.

One of my Facebook applications is called "Message from God."  Every day, a random, inspirational message is sent to me.

Take a look at what I got today :)

Message from God:
On this day, God wants you to know... 
... that God sees you as you truly are, - a holy child of light: I see you strong and whole. I see you blessed and prospered. I see you courageous and confident. I see you capable and successful. I see you free from all limitations or bondage of any kind. I see you as the spiritually perfect being you truly are.

Message from my sister:
On this day, Gloria wants you to know... that Gloria sees you as you truly are-- a fashionable sister of mine: I see you strong with fashion decisions. I see you blessed with clothes. I see you confident to wear any outfit. I see you capable of taking over the world with a cute outfit and being successful. I see you free from all the lines at the mall & skipping to the front. I see you as scientifically perfect being who you truly are.

Isn't that so sweet? I couldn't help but smile as I read it over and over again. Silly gal ;)

It also made me think about how truly blessed I am...not just with clothes, materialistically, but with being able to have a hobby like this. I also need to be a tad bit more grateful about all the clothes that are in my closet. I need to show my appreciation and make better use of each and every item.


"bonjour/au revoir" shirt: Dear by Amanda Bynes
"bonjour" on the front. "au revoir" on the back. 
Wore this in honor of today's French exam.
I need to re-visit Steve & Barry's.


Samantha Lynn said...

Thanks for following and commenting! :)
cool top.


Ra said...

What a sweet sister! My brothers just make fun of me when I talk about clothes (in a good way though)!

Your love for clothes is definitely reflected through your blog!

Tiny Quirks said...

they just come up with every app possible! ahah, thanks for commenting :)

Marz said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway! :)
I love the shirt and that message from your sister is so cute. Hope you have a great weekend!

C. said...

very sweet and cute :)

xo, C.

kate maggie said...

I love your blog :) so lovely to read. x