Monday, February 22, 2010

Beauty is pain.

So I spent my grocery shopping money at none other than Forever 21 :) Luckily, I am back home (from school) and don't have to worry about doing my own grocery shopping.

Anyway, this is one of my purchases...a pearlescent elastic pretty! This can glam up ANY outfit. The con, however, is that it is painful (like most other headbands, I know)!



On a different note, sometimes I wish my hair wouldn't grow back so fast. This can be very helpful in bad-haircut situations, but when you DON'T want it to grow back -- it's a bummer! You see, I've been digging having short hair lately, but it always grows back so fast! Argh.

Well, I hope you lovelies had a good start to the week :)

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Texan in UAE said...

cute! i love it! nice little blog! be following you. :)))