Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Color my world.

Hey guys! How's it going on your side of the world?


I hope great!!


I'm having a lovely week thus far :)


First off, I'm going in for a follow-up (job) interview tomorrow! I hope it goes as well as the first. Hehe :)


Second, I'm loving and taking full advantage of these wonderful spring days. Yesterday, Pablo and I ate our dinner (Wing Stop!) parked in my truck at the neighborhood park. Then, we had a blast taking advantage of the empty playground. Seriously awesome.


Today we hit another park for my pictures. Afterward, we came home and played a game of basketball. Whaaat?! Me + a sport?! Haha, yes. And, I didn't suck.


Funny thing is I was wearing exactly this. Playing basketball. O.o Actually, I lied. I changed into flats. Better, right? Uhh, not really. Haha.

Note: When it comes to posing & whatnot, I usually just do as Pablo says. Hahaha.

So, I felt incredibly awesome rocking these bright fuchsia tights :D


Oh! Something else Pablo and I enjoyed today, you ask? Hot dogs wrapped in bacon. My mouth just watered.




Well, I hope you guys are doing fabulous! & I hope to hear from you!

What I'm wearing:
Gray top: Ross
Black skirt: Charlotte Russe
Faded gray denim vest: Wet Seal
Fuchsia tights: Kroger!
Black boots: Shiekh (Finally, I learned how to spell it w/out Google! :D)
Silver sunflower necklace: Thrifted

Until next time! :)


Norsiah Mohamed Asni said...

I love your grey top! :D

Texan in UAE said...


piglet said...

Cute boots!

Oringina said...

Really rocking the fuschia tights. Nice outfit

pinky said...

Hi there, sweetie :) You look very beautiful :) By the way, I love those booties and leggings, and I think you got a great place too :)

BTW, thanks for checking out my blog. Much appreciated!

Cheyne said...

I am going to STEAL this outfit! Although you're such a thin little thing (jealous!) I don't think any of it would fit...except the tights. Which you know by now I'm obsessed with so this would suit me just fine. (:


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Love the colored tights! very chic!

Anonymous said...

Love the tights, and the carefree nature of this outfit!