Monday, March 29, 2010

with a K :)

Hey guys! It's been a while! Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments!!! I'll be getting back to you soon :)


I'm starting out with this lovely heart necklace I recently rediscovered...I do that a lot, rediscover stuff, haha. Anyway, this is one of those name necklaces you buy at souvenir shops...I was so excited when I found MY NAME, WITH A K, NOT A C (Erica Erika) in Seattle! You can see the Space Needle next to my name. And, this little souvenir necklace is so pretty!


It was so windy today! You can tell by my flying hair, haha. And, my skirt, too.


Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day.


I especially love riding in my truck, windows down, the wind in my hair, and the sun all around me :)


Guess what.


Tomorrow, I have a job interview!!! I hope it goes well & I'll be sure to update you on that ;)


Yesterday, my boyfriend Pablo finished fixing our OLDDDDD Nintendo 64!!!!! Since then, hours and hours and hours of playing have followed. Hehe, it's super fun!


Well, enjoy these pictures!


Until next time!




What I was wearing:

White V-neck: F21
Black skirt: F21
Brown belt: F21
Wedges: Target
Brown watch: Disney
Gold & white necklace: Souvenir shop in Seattle

I hope to hear from you! :)


Texan in UAE said...

Really really cute!!!! I love it! I am sure it was humid!!!! Houston is notorious for it's humidity. Worse than San Antonio.

Erika said...

Thanks! :D

I've lived in Houston my whole life, so I'm used to the humidity...haha. But, yea it gets pretty bad, & I'm sure a lot worse than in San Antonio >.<

Taylor Sterling said...

love it! Simple and chic!

Catherine said...

I love this outfit!! It is very cute and VERY classy. I think the belt and adorable heart necklace make it.

Texan Teen said...

Cute outfit!
I hope the job interview went well! update us on it (:

I want to stand in a field with the wind blowing, too LOL! but there aren't any fields here...