Monday, December 21, 2009

Less is more.

I finally have time to update. Actually, I also finally have blog-worthy outfits :)

But, I have been so busy now that I'm back home and back at work. Buttt, being back at work definitely motivates me to dress up :)

Anyway, this particular post is of my sister's college graduation.
Here's her graduation dress that I absolutely LOVEEE and might, just might, borrow one day ;)

Here is an interesting sculpture we ran into downtown. I love art!

And, finally, me. But, first I will explain. I woke up late the day of the graduation, maybe 2 hours before we were supposed to be there. Now, that is NOT enough time for me to get ready. Fortunately, I already had an outfit picked. So, I threw it on. Buttt, in all the chaos, I threw on this multi-layered necklace with chains, beads, pearls, AND a ribbon! Now, I should have known that a sequin-bib top DOES NOT need any accessorizing! But, for some reason, I accessorized without much of a second thought. The mirror told me it worked, but it lied. The pictures told the truth: a little fashion mishap!

Shirt: Black and vanilla sequin-bib tuxedo tank, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria for Walmart
Skirt: Black fitted skirt, Charlotte Russe
Tights: Black footed tights, random
Shoes: Black Mary Jane pumps, Xhilaration from Target
Necklace: Black, gold, and cream multi-layered necklace, Charlotte Russe
Bracelet: Gold bracelet, Forever 21

Again, sorry for my bad picture quality! I have yet to find a nice background, and this blue isn't doing me any good :(

Come back! :)

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Candy Kawaii Lover said...

i love the dress!!! thank you so much for the message on my blog. i really appreciate it. <3