Thursday, January 21, 2010


So unfortunate. I don't have any new pictures, and I left my camera back home. You know what else I left back home (by accident)? The remote to my TV. I'll never get it right, ha. The first time I came back from the holidays break, I forgot my TV. Like seriously, who does that? Only me. I went back this past weekend and brought it back. But, I forgot my remote! It's such a pain to get up just to change the channel. At least for a little lazy lady like me.

Anyway, enough chit chat. This is an old picture I dug out for the sake of keeping this blog running. Sigh.

I remember the day I wore this pretty clearly; it was last semester. I had no classes that day. Hardly anything to do. Just force my little yellow butt to show up for Calculus tutoring all the heck across campus. Okay, not that far.

It was sunny outside, so I chose a sunny outfit. I recently dug this skirt back out of my dirty laundry (yikes) and washed it for the sunny and toasty days that are showing up more and more. Sunny, sunny, sunny.

What I [was] wearing:

Cream cami: none other than Forever 21, the birthplace of $2.50 camis. Seriously, no one beats that.
Cream crochet vest: Forever 21
Yellow floral skirt: Rave (This was actually really, really cheap. Like 3 bucks cheap. Oh, the magic of outlet malls.)
Silver sunflower necklace: Thrift store :)

Hurray for summer in just a few months. Hurray for living in a state where winter hardly exists and spring quickly turns into summer.


Samantha said...

I am so so jealous that it will be summer for you in a few months!! I'm presuming you live somewhere wonderful like Florida? It won't get warm here until May or June :(

WM said...

hi hun! beautiful blog! so sweeet!!! love this skirt!!! gorgeous! kisses girl!