Sunday, March 14, 2010

Black and white and red all over

You guys have heard the riddle... What's black and white and read all over? The newspaper. But, this isn't about the newspaper, this is about me :D


These pictures are from yesterday. I braved it up and put on some red lipstick...when my mom saw me she said, "It's too much," but I didn't mind since it felt good to do something quite daring!


We went to Pablo's house for a delicious dinner (tostadas AND tamales :D), and his mom complimented me and what I've been wearing these past few days...we've been going over after my photo shoots. Actually, these were taken in her backyard.


After dinner, we headed back home and changed for a party.


What I was wearing:
Cream & black piano top: F21
Skirt: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria (same as the day's so versatile!)
Red wedges: Brand new from Goodwill! Originally from Target. I have the same pair in nude (bought full-priced at Target >.<) and seen here. It's interesting to see how my blog has evolved and continues to. O.o
Black glasses necklace: F21
Brown & gold Tinkerbell watch: Disney

Today, I want to talk about my sisters...I have 3. 22, 14, and 8. By the way, I'm 19. Here's a few things I love about them:
a) We can spend an entire day out on the road SHOPPING :D
b) We are genetically thin, so my 22 year-old sister, me, and my 14 year-old sister generally fit into the same sizes. How fantastic is that?! It's like having a triple closet! ;D Seriously, we're constantly digging through each others stuff, AND when we both/all like something, we just buy one to share :) Definitely a money saver, haha! So, the reason why I brought this up is because the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria skirt I wore the last couple of days is my sister's... :D
c) My 22 year-old sister and my 14-year old sister are alike, while I am most alike my 8 year-old sister. Anddd, my 8 year-old sister has her own version of blogging...she has her own You Tube channel LOL, and it's always cute to see her filming about her day...she loves to talk! <3

Anyway, today I've laid around in shorts and a tee...a good ol' Spring Break/Sunday day. Hehe. Happy Day! :D


les métamorphoses d'Alice said...

oh le tee shirt piano j'adore!!

alamocitystyle said...

you look so cute, i love those wedges! i share clothes with my sister too and it's so nice to have another closet and another person to wear your clothes in a way you wouldn't have thought to try. it's so fun having a sister!

Cheyne said...

Aw, adorable look dear! :D

Keep 'em comin'!


Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

I really like this skirt !

Check it out: ♡


Texan in UAE said...

really cute look! love it! and love your RED lipstick!!!! fab! aww, you and your sisters sound adorable!!!!