Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eye Candy

Sorry for the lack of updating...I've been in nothing but shorts and tees this Spring Break :p

Today, my mom sent my boyfriend and I to Walmart to pick up her medicine, but we ended up spending almost 2 HOURS there looking through magazines. We looked something like this:

 Image from here.

Haha, that's NOT us. But, it's funny how the picture's caption on the website says "Teenage couple reading magazines in store." It's funny because my boyfriend and I are definitely guilty of doing this too often. Ahem, my apologies to any Walmart customers who might be bothered by 2 teenagers hogging magazine aisle space.

Then, we bought 50¢ candy. Haha. Today was great. The weather was lovely.

 And, just in case you're wondering...this is what my boyfriend and I look like...NOT-hogging-aisle-space-reading-magazines-at-Walmart, but the complete opposite, all-dressed-up-at-Prom-last-year ;D Not the best picture, but you get the idea, right?


Also, after doing some long-avoided laundry, I rediscovered a lot of spring/summer clothes I am so so eager to wear! Actually, most of it are skirts and dresses I need to have dry-cleaned :/ 

P.S. Sorry if I disappointed those of you looking for eye candy...BUT you can find some in magazines at Walmart, I bet! ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Until tomorrow! <3

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Texan in UAE said...

I've been guilty of that. But, every month I go to the book store and buy 100 Dirhams worth of magazines!!!! I love'em!

nice looking couple!