Friday, March 19, 2010

I heart tees.

I'm really digging my brown belt + wedges w/ just about everything. Which is why when I had about 5 minutes to get ready, I quickly added them to my skirt & tee combo...I was really satisfied with the result :)


Today we went to visit my sister-in-law...but since we headed out late, I had to settle for pictures in our backyard. Buttt, the swing set was actually fun to play in! It's always wonderful to be able to act like a kid again, even if only for a few minutes :) Also, Pablo and I already have a few spots in mind for future shoots! I love Dear Dear Closet, and I love all of you out in the blogosphere! This blog is such a new favorite pastime :D


After I reviewed the first few shots, this came out of my mouth, "Wow, my skirt is short!" Then, I pulled it down and asked for another shot. Haha.


What I'm wearing:
Pink blow-dryer tee: Dear by Amanda Bynes
Black & white polka-dotted ruffles skirt: Don't remember :/
Black vest: F21
Brown belt: From another F21 skirt
Nude wedges: Target

Hope to hear from you! Feliz Viernes, Happy Friday! <3

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Texan in UAE said...

You give me some good ideas! I <3 tee's too. LOL love the look!