Monday, March 22, 2010

Owl love you forever. And ever.

Hey chickadees! How was your day? Mine was great, sunny once again!


Pablo took these pictures outside my house, and since I live on a corner, there were lots and lots of cars passing by. I was shy, I have to admit, but it was fun anyway!


Wow, I never realized how short I am...I mean, how tall the street signs are. Yea, that's it ;D


I wanted a Beatles-inspired shot, but the main intersection was too busy, so I had to settle for this..which turned out good anyway :D


And then, Pablo made me sit on the TOP edge of the fence...I was scared for my life! Seriously. It took me awhile before I was calm enough to smile :) (<--That SO rhymes! Go, me!) Anyway, who knew fences were this high?! I didn't. Though, I guess that's how it should be..seeing as what their purpose is, haha. But, I guess, until today, I was pretty blind to how tall things are/short I am..


This was the first time I wore these white tights...I love them! They are super comfy and perfect for these fresh spring days. Unfortunately, I already made a hole :( Let's see how much longer they last..


Also, check out my owl necklace...too cool! I love all the goes great w/ just about anything.


I wore my hair au naturel today...wavy! I usually don't do this because it's a crazy, frizzy, puffy, mess after a few minutes out of the shower. But, I was too lazy to blow-dry it & flat iron it. So, I messed with it all day, until I was happy...I love it when it actually looks pretty. Which only worked after I put on this rad gold braided headband I got at F21.


I remember exactly when I got it, too. I used to be a cashier at F21 and this girl was checking out, but didn't have enough money to get this headband. (I was secretly glad.) She asked, "This will be here tomorrow, right?!" I assured her it would, stashing it behind the counter. But, after we closed at 9, I bought it...and I'm pretty sure it was the last one.

...evil, right? :/


On a nicer note, I'm so glad my hair is long enough now to look OK wavy...! This is when I like my super-fast-growing hair.


I hope to hear from you! :D

What I'm wearing:
Teal tunic: Blue Asphalt, my sister's :)
Gray cami: F21
Cream vest: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria
White tights: JcPenney
Boots: Shiekh
Colorful gold owl necklace: F21
Brown & gold Tinkerbell watch: Disney
Gold braided headband: F21

Happy Day!


Cheyne said...

This is totally my favorite outfit I've seen you in! The color scheme is perfect, those boots are adorable, and I wish I had legs as skinny as yours so I could wear white tights! White tights always make me feel bleh. Sneaky headband. (;


DMKG said...

So cute!
That is one tall fence, I get nervous just sitting on the fence around my porch and its only like 3 feet tall ;)

Texan in UAE said...

Adorable! with a capital "A"!!!!! So cute!!! You are tiny!!! itty bitty!!!! I thought my daughter was itty bitty. You win! I love the outfit! you should be a fashion designer!!!!

Texan Teen said...

omg it's sooo cute, i love it!!! <3 totally lovin' the necklace!

alamocitystyle said...

I love your boots! those are so so cute! and I think your hair looks great wavy, you should wear it that way more often, I love it.

cadencesmama said...

i love your necklace!

your style reminds me a lot of indiana from adored austin! very cute =)