Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pete the Porcupine

Argh. I want my own Pete! Like now.

Image from here.

Isn't he adorable?? Just the PERFECT punch for any outfit. Will definitely add spunk. UNFORTUNATELY, Pete comes with a pricey tag of $115! Yikes :| Somebody needs to make a cheap, but equally awesome, version of this. Sorry Pete, no can do. In the meantime, I'll stare at my poor, naked finger and wish it had a friend to play with.

Anyway, today the peak of my day was dinner with my boyfriend: An order of lemon pepper and original hot wings. Yum :) But, since we stayed home, I wore somethin' casual. You know, comfy enough to lay around, but not too boring. Also, say hello to these perfect-for-spring-&-summer flats :)

What I'm wearing:
Black tunic: Forever 21
Black leggings: Forever 21
Black lace cami (underneath): Forever 21
Black & white flats: Outlet mall, don't remember what store
Turtle necklace: From my sister

Have a great week!


Texan in UAE said...

I love it! The price isn't so bad. Or I guess I'm used to pricey things? Living here in UAE everything is tooo expensive. I guess I got really spoiled. :| I love the outfit! we have Forever 21 here, too. Very cute!!!! Ah, I forgot to ask. Your from TEXAS? I'm from San Antonio.

Robyn said...

I am forwarding Pete the porcupine to my boyfriend's email right now. He would make the best anniversary present.