Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two Is Better Than One

It's Saturday! :)

Last night my boyfriend and I went over to our friends' house for some crab and craw fish. Then, we had Denny's afterward. A lot of food for one night! But, it was with different people, so the company was great. A fantastic, unplanned start to the weekend. I'm not a big fan of plans because, well, they don't always go as planned. Of course, sometimes they turn out even better ;)









And, just in case you're wondering, yes, that's a wooden bucket...on its side O.o

Anyway... I painted my nails this beautiful 'Taupe Pearl' color...I love it! It's part of a nail polish set my mom gave me for Christmas, full of pink, red, and golden shades. Lovely.

What I was wearing:

Gray cropped top: Wet Seal
Cream cami: Forever 21
Pink skirt: Rave
Shoes: My sister's room
Gold bow necklace: Forever 21
Gold bracelet: Forever 21

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend as well!


Texan in UAE said...

OMigosh! you look so adorable!!!!!!! i love the outfit! fits your perfect!!!! aww! i wish they had denny's here in UAE... send some over!!! happy you had a GREAT time with friends. That's always so much fun! keep the cute pics coming.. loving your little shoes!!!!

Cheyne said...

Such a cute outfit!!

The Owl's Closet said...

love ur pink skirt and bow necklace! so adorable! thx for dropping by my blog!

Texan Teen said...

Oooo I LOVE your outfit, it's so CUTE!!!!
I miss Denny's.. we used to go there late at night and eat LOL

I've been wanting to go to Wet Seal since forever. I'm just gonna have to wait until we go back to the US (:

piglet said...

Your plaid skirt is so cute, and gosh I want that necklace!

alamocitystyle said...

this is adorable! i absolutely love that necklace!