Sunday, April 18, 2010

This weekend has been a good one indeed. Yesterday, Pablo and I spent the beginning of our day (and majority) at my little sister's birthday party. The best part about it? The candy bags filled with yummy tamarindos...Mexican candy, that is :) And what's even better is we have access to all the leftover candy bags...booyah!


Not really an outfit to write home about, but this is what I wore yesterday. I've been wearing this denim vest over just about everything; I don't know if it worked well with this dress, but oh welllll. 



For you, Texan in UAE. I wish I could send you a candy bag ;)




A few photos of my front yard...

Anyway, Pablo and I's next adventure was at a local Laos temple for the new year. It was packeddd and there was good food :P and just fun in general :) After that, we headed over to our friends' house for a movie and a lateee-night dinner. Thennn, Pablo and I came home and stayed up all night on YouTube. Hahaha.



I've been neglecting these shoes. Poor babies, I'll take you out more often :)

What I was wearing:
Dress: F21
Vest: Wet Seal
Tights: Walmart
Necklace: F21
Shoes: Payless

Hope you rested up for's Monday! ;)


Texan in UAE said...

Aww! I am so craving that candy! I loved going to Mexico and getting a bunch. They had them in little bitty cups with wrap around the top and a rubber band to hold the plastic wrap. HA HA HA . It was delicious. You know, they have tamarindo here too. But, it's the raw version. Arabs eat it too. Asians in General. When I say, Asians, I mean Arabs all the way to India. Arabs are Asians, too. Lovely pictures and cute shoes! sounds like y'all had a nice weekend!

sayablack said...

Your leopard dress is sooo lovely.
and beautiful flower pic.

Cheyne said...

So a denim vest paired with leopard print is something I'd never think of doing, but I love it! So daring...I gotta try this! (: Oh and I added you on Facebook.