Monday, April 19, 2010


Are you a member of Chicisimo? If not, go join! Now! Seriously...I just discovered this neat little fashion community and I love it already!!! Can you tell?! I'm blogging about it! I just started an account there so I can't tell you too much about it. But...I did my first upload and it was super easy! You tag the main colors in your outfit, the items (ex. skirt), and brands so that other users can find you when they look for your colors, items, or brands! They can even find you by country!

Easy as 1-2-3
Ta da!


I'm building my profile, so I started with an old picture ^^

Go do it! Now!

I'm seriously glowing right now and I just started. You won't regret it, no siree. And, I must mention that Maria, behind this fab, new community, is so nice! Go, go, go!!! Put yourself on the Home page! 

It's perfect for being inspired and inspiring in return!
♥ it!


Miss Koree said...

OOooooh looks fun! I'll have to go check it out sometime! Let us know how it's coming along!
Cute blog by the way. :) Have a great Monday!

Platform Princess said...

Ooh, I was going to join today- how strange!

Lovely blog.


Texan in UAE said...

I have to take a look at that! But, I don't wanna get hooked. I have enough with MSU and my blog. ;)