Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You live and you learn.





What I learned yesterday:
1. I don't photograph well with my hair in a ponytail.
2. Photographing in the dark is not the brightest  idea...hahaha total pun intended :P
3. Get some sleep before a shoot, or at least use makeup to cover bags under my eyes >.<

You live and you learn.

Anyway, I fell for this dress the moment I saw it at F21, but it fit too big on me. When it went on sale, I decided to get it anyway...the first time I wore it I threw a tee on top of it to give it a skirt effect, but yesterday I just put a vest over it to make it look fitted :)

I was wearing black sheer tights during the day, but it got much warmer so I changed into these diamond fishnet tights.

What I was wearing:
Silver dress: F21
Black denim vest: Wet Seal
Black tube top: F21
Black diamond fishnet tights: 579
Black ankle strap flats: Mexico
Gold owl necklace: F21
Gold braided headband: F21

Happy halfway-done-with-the-week day!


Cheyne said...

Wow I love the tights and the dress and the cute detailed owl necklace which perfectly matches the shade of the wonderful little headband and oh so perfect everything as usual! (:


Texan Teen said...

cute cute cute!!
i think you look fine with a ponytail!! nothing wrong with it lol

t said...

Cute vest and tights!