Friday, April 9, 2010

Over my head..

No, I haven't forgotten about my blog. I promise. I've been thinking about this post so much. Really, I've been avoiding it because my thoughts are all jumbled. But, if I don't write it, they will just stay that way. So, here I go. And to you guys whose blogs I invade, y'all know I can ramble. LOL.

My favorite flower in our front yard...Pablo got tired of hearing me say how pretty it is every time we passed I just think it ;)

What this post is about is blogging. More specifically, the way blogging impacts our everyday lives. How does it impact yours? Let me tell you how it impacts my life...

I wake up, and the first thing I do is head straight to my laptop. My Blogger home a.k.a Dashboard is on my Firefox Speed Dial. Number 1, yep. So, that's the first thing I check. For you lovely's comments, of course :D What? I'm not gonna lie & say I don't go crazy over those. Lol.. Also, for new posts. From you, duh :)

I'm not a daily poster, as you guys should know by now.. I only post on days when I shoot. By that I mean, I don't shoot and then wait days before I post. I'm always over my head with the photos Pablo takes, that I want them up and soon.

I already told you guys about how my photo shoots go on my last post:

And, of course, I spend quite a lot of time on your blogs. Reading, admiring, awing, and always adding my two cents. Well, more like fifty cents. Haha.

Now, who here keeps their blog on the DL when it comes to "the real world"? My hand is raised. Only my boyfriend knows about my blog. Of course, or else he would go crazy trying to figure out what I wanted so many outfit photos for. Haha. It's something watching him read my blog, too...he doesn't really say anything, just smiles :)

Actually, I told my best friend Ana about my blog. Don't worry, I told her about your blogs, too ;) She really loved the whole idea of blogging and all you guys...she even started her own blog. My little Ana is really busy with school, though...hopefully one day she'll have enough time to join us for a little longer ;)

But, how do you feel about people out there, in the real world, reading your blog? Not other real life (duh) bloggers, but people from school, work, etc... I wouldn't say I'm embarrassed about my blog, and really I love it so I could care less what negative feedback I get from real lifers,'s not something I go and advertise on my Facebook, you know? I don't know, it's complicated to explain.. I guess, if people find it, I don't care. Yes, I'm the proud owner of Dear Dear Closet, but it's not something I go and tell everybody about. I like that blogging is my thing. Like all my other friends/associates I can find on Facebook, but my blog friends are a whole different part of me. People that share a lot in common with me. A lot of you, our love for fashion. Others, just blogging in general...

And to those of us from Texas, woot! ;D thoughts probably only made some sense to you...haha. But, there they go. I'm aiming for a photo shoot tomorrow. Yay! They're so much fun! And one is long overdue...sorry! I already have my outfit picked out... Here's a little too much of a sneak peek ;D


Well, that's my fifty cents for now...ahaha... I'm one crazy girl. Goodnight! Oh yea, have a Fantastic Friday tomorrow! Oh yea! Friday!! :DD

P.S. I'm way behind on commenting back, but I'm working on it. Pinky promise. :)

P.P.S. Originally, I wasn't referring to The Fray's song with my post title...but aah, that song is wonderful.. like all other songs by The Fray... <3


Cheyne said...

You live in Texas? I'm in Oklahoma! Southern America, huzzah! :D

I totally agree with you! I tried to keep my blog on the down low, but somehow people at school found out. And it's not like they leave mean comments or say rude things, they think it's neat...but it does give me the creeps because I don't want them to think I'm some narcissist who spends all her time taking photos of herself!


Texan in UAE said...

I love having my blog out there. Especially for a TEXAN Muslim! it's good info! I Love your blog! and Love your spirit! You seem like you're so much fun!!!!!!!!!!! Oooo I love that TEXAS, License!!!!