Monday, May 10, 2010

Tights + 90° weather



It seems like all odds are against me lately in regards to taking pictures for you guys. Yesterday, after snapping just a few, Pablo had to rush me inside after a whole gang of mosquitoes decided to have my leg for lunch. A whole gang. The mosquito bites look more like huge red birth marks on my legs. No mom told me that when I was little she took me to the doc to have my mosquito bites inspected, and they thought she was beating me! I think I'm allergic. when we headed out, I opted for tights. Tights + 90° weather don't mix. I need to buy repellent and soon.

That was yesterday. Today, it was superrrrr windy. I mean, the breeze felt wonderful, but it was no good for photos.

Wish me better luck for tomorrow! ♥


Anonymous said...

super cute outfit! I love how you mixed the pices together, sooo lovley :)

and ahw!! I hope your legs get better! I hate mosquitos, they always attack me, we have them super bad in our backyard, I always have to spray myself down if I wanna be out there longer then 5 mins!

I hope you have a good week :)

magpie said...

Aw, I'm sorry you haven't had good photo luck lately! I actually haven't had good luck at all either It's just been fashion BLAH for me.

I'm sorry about your leg! My sister is scarily allergic to mosquitoes as well. In Indonesia, she got bit by mosquitoes at night and we had to take her to the hospital because they bit her alll over her body! It's scary!

erin :) said...

i love your skirt. :)

i hope you have a great week. and i feel your pain about mosquito bites. when i lived in south korea, summers were seriously mosquito bite season.

lovely blog!
erin :)

Amanda said...

It was super windy today!! It was horrible, I really don't like the wind.

Eeep! I'm so glad I'm not allergic to mosquitos, that must have been horrible. At least you look cute!

Ferni said...

I was born in Texas and only lived there for a little while but we still have family and sometimes visit. Omg the humidity is like heaven to the mosquitos! Definitely don't miss it there! lol

t said...

Cute look!

Eden said...

funny, i can totally relate about the allergy! growing up i used to be bullied for my skin marks, whenever i get bites they also swell up and get irritated and turn into big welts-- turns out i had skin asthma, and any small irritation usually gets worse. hope it gets better for you! just put on repellent at all times:)

glad to have found your blog. hope you could check out mine/follow me i'f you'd like, i've got a great blog giveaway that you might love!:)


S + Y said...

You look adorableeeee and that turtle necklace is precious! ;) Enjoy the weather!


Tiny Quirks said...

really like that skirt :)

FashionHippieLoves said...

lovely outfit!


Anna said...

Lovely outfit.
I hate mosquitos although I'm not allergic as you.
Wish you the best of luck. See you soon.
Stop by

Becca said...

Jeez! It seems like you get attacked by nature every time you step outside.
Be careful, girl!

Anonymous said...

You look stunning darling:)

Cole said...

cute outfit and I especially like the turtle necklace. lovely blog .:)
nicole visiting from

Texan in UAE said...

Soooo CUTE!!!! I miss coming to your blog, but i haven't been on the net so much. come back to msu!

kate maggie said...

Erika! I was just thining about you wondering how you are doing. You look beautiful, girl. I love your outfit! Hope things are good in your world. Lots of love from the Aussie Ocean. x

Karla said...

Nice blog!
Ah, I didnt have good luck with my pics today.. I feel your pain!

Micaela said...

ncie outfit. I love iy
I follow u