Friday, April 9, 2010

Liar, liar...

Yep, my pants are on fire. And, my nose grew a little more today. (Good excuse, right?) Aha, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you didn't read my 2nd to last post! Anyway, I kinda said I was gonna wear something that I didn't. It happens. I woke up earlier than I had planned or even expected. Mom was rushing me to get dressed so we could go have lunch. (Yep, I woke up at lunch time. Ahem, I was forced to wake up at lunchtime. Lol.) Well, I thought, "Good thing I planned an outfit." But, (yep, there's always a but...) I didn't quite plan what shoes I was going to wear. I thought I was going to have more time to decide that. But, I didn't. And my sister's boots are at her boyfriend's place. And, I didn't like any of my other choices. Sooo...I wore something completely different. You see, I didn't lie on's a little too late for an April's Fool joke, I think ;)


Argh, blue strap >.<

By the way, I had some tasty cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans for lunch. :D With the always amazing tortilla chips as an appetizer.




Anyway, today Pablo took me to an old abandoned area. It looked just like a neighborhood, but without houses. And lots and lots of trees. Lol...I mean, there were streets and old STOP signs and dead ends, but no houses! Just lots of wood and plants.







It was a lot of fun! These shoots are always fun :) And today, I told Pablo I didn't mind if we took my photos out in my yard, but he said, no, he likes to be creative. Aww...I love my boyfriend :D




The shoot was also scary though. You see, Pablo likes to "check" the ground before he lets me step on it. (OK, that sounds really snobbish...LOL.) What I mean is...he steps through the overgrown grass to check for ant piles and all kinds of other nasty snakes! Yep, today Pablo decided to say, "Let me check and make sure there's no snakes." You should have seen my face after that. Then, he kept saying stop being scared when he was the one who got me scared in the first place! Lol

Hence, I take a lot of piggy rides on these photo shoots ;)

Oh yes, what one does for photos. Haha..



I hope you guys don't think I treat Pablo bad, forcing him to take my pictures and carry me through overgrown grass. Psst...I gave him a massage before the shoot ;)

Lol, I hope to hear from you guys! It always makes me happy :D Hope you're havin' one heck of a Fantastic Friday! <3

What I'm wearing:
Black & white dress: F21
Black lace tunic (under): F21
Black sheer tights: Walmart
Black bow flats: Payless
Black flower headband: F21
Cupcake necklace (which I added an Eiffel Tower charm to): F21

P.S. It's kind of irritating me that this area would have suited my planned outfit perfectly. Argh. It ain't going anywhere. Except maybe the flowers... >.<


magpie said...

You just made my entire day :)
Thank you so much!!

You are part of the reason why fashion blogging and blogging in general is so fun- the optimism and support is phenomenal.

Thank you sososososo much dear :)
(following you!)


kate maggie said...

how cute are you? This dress is seirously so adorable on you Erika! :) You are lovely miss. hope you have a great weekend. x

Texan in UAE said...

Really! CUTE±!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

monica said...

i love love love your blog...and your clothes!

too bad you are wayyy skinnier, otherwise i may ask to borrow that dress...haha


i am alexa said...

cute dress! :)

♥Mimi said...

Awwe your bf's so sweet! :D

lovely outfit!

JMay said...

You look so adorable in these pictures, seriously so cute!

Gotta love Forever 21, I have like 100 dresses from there.

Have a good weekend lady!