Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet my BFF.

The weather here has been crazy! Not that I'm surprised, but it was a disappointment after the lovely weather we saw throughout the week. Yesterday, it was rainy, super windy and COLD. Today the sun came out, but the temperature was still cold and the winds were still blowing! That being said, I like to keep myself warm in sweats, tights, and over-sized sweaters, and you don't want to see me like that...hahaha. Well, you shouldn't want to see me like that ;)

Anyway, tonight I am featuring my best friend Ana... you can find her personal blog here. But, I'm featuring her for fashion-related reasons. What kind of reasons? Keep reading...


This gorgeous gal turned her brother's old plaid shirt into a dress...a CUTE dress, to be exact! In these pictures it's still in the making, but you can get the gist of it...look!


Isn't it great?! Like seriously, I hate to say I'm not creative enough to look at a guy's old plaid shirt and think, "I can so turn that into a cute dress, buttons down the middle, thick straps." Agh!


And, honestly, I am not a fan of plaid, but this plaid I would wear! It's the perfect length, fit, and works in all 4 seasons! I can imagine it by itself for warm weather and with tights & a cardigan for cold weather...PERFECT, I tell you!


So, I've been bribing Ana for top secret clothes-making lessons...I hope she likes flowers & candy... ;DD Hahaha, kidding, but I am looking forward to seeing more clothes from her, and hopefully one day from myself.


Sooo, guess the name of the next super-famous fashion designer.
*Hint: Her name starts & ends with the letter A, and there's only one other letter in between ;D


Hope you enjoyed meeting Ana (yes, that's the answer) & I hope to hear from you! ...she does want feedback :D


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Very cute! I've always wanted to make my own clothes, but it's so much harder than you'd think! Tell her, great job! :)

Taylor Sterling said...

I could never make anything. I am such a loser in that way! This is cute!

Texan in UAE said...

Hi Erika's bestie! how cute is that?! OMIGOSH! really neat idea!

Texan Teen said...

oh that is soooo cute, wonderful idea!